“To stimulate life, leaving it free, however, to unfold itself--that is the first duty of the educator.”
― Maria Montessori

Diane Omondi

Diane Omondi taught at Key International School in the 1990s and has been a lecturer of Early Childhood Development at Key Montessori College for 20 years. She trained in Montessori Teacher Education with Montessori Centre International in London. Her teaching and research focus on professional practice and the holistic development of children. She is the author of over 40 books, including children's storybooks, student curriculum books, teacher's guides, and Early Childhood, The Amazing First Years (Moran Publishers, 2017) that is used in teacher training institutions around Kenya.

Grace Key

Grace Key, along with her husband, opened Key International School about 30 years ago, formerly known as International Montessori School. Subsequently, Key Montessori College was opened. She is the College Director and Professor of the program. She is also an author of several published books that are utilized by the College and was selected as "a mother of all inventions" in the magazine cover story of Business Woman. 

We Are Key Montessori College

Key Montessori College is a well-established training centre for Early Childhood Development in Nairobi, Kenya. Key Montessori College is now an independent training institution and is registered with the Ministry of Education of Kenya. Key Montessori College is housed at the beautiful campus of Key International School, founded in 1993. The Key Montessori College Early Childhood Course is designed to develop a high level of professional competence in students wishing to become teachers of the Montessori Method for children from two-and-half to six years of years age. The overview of important educational philosophies, training in child development theories, and detailed study of Montessori philosophy and approach enable students to construct a coherent set of educational values. Students are also instructed in the use of the teaching apparatus designed by Dr. Maria Montessori.

The course in Early Childhood Education includes Montessori Emphasis includes both theory units and practical units covering Montessori Philosophy, Child Development, Classroom Management, Current Issues in the Education Sector, and the five major curriculum areas of Montessori Pedagogy. The course is characterised by appropriate adult learning methodology including practical projects, discussion groups, individualised research and hands-on, active learning. A full range of Montessori materials are provided in a well-organised, highly professional environment.

Students are nurtured to become highly qualified and experienced teachers. They have the opportunity to work directly with Montessori materials and also interact with children in a supervised setting.